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On Mac OS’s Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) you may find it necessary to set the preferences for Microsoft Teams, MediaStream and Panopto to make use of your cameral, microphone and to record your screen. These security settings have been introduced by Apple in response to privacy and security issues, particularly in relation to the Zoom platform (unsupported for use at the university), however they affect all screensharing/screenrecording and webinar tools including Microsoft Teams.

  1. Click on Apple icon screenshot> System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
    Screenshot of system preferences on a Mac
  2. Click on the Privacy option across the top bar. Start by checking the Camera option. Ensure that the boxes are ticked for Microsoft Teams, MEDIALecture and Panopto. You may need to click on the lock on the bottom-left to make changes – you will be asked for your computer login password to authenticate.
    Screenshot of the Camera privacy settings
  3. Next, check the permissions for your Microphone, which you find next on the list. Ensure that the boxes are ticked for Microsoft Teams, MEDIALecture and Panopto.
    Screenshot of microphone permissions
  4. Please note the next setting is different depending on whether you are on Mac OS Mojave (10.14) or Mac OS Catalina (10.15). Screen sharing is controlled under the Accessiblity settings on Mac OS Mojave.On Mac OS Mojave
    Click on Accessibility, to allow screensharing you need to tick the box next to Microsoft Teams. This is not typically necessary for MediaLecture and Panopto, but if you encounter issues after testing you may need to review this setting.Screenshot of the Accessibility settings on Mac OS Mojave


On Mac OS Catalina

Click on Screen Recording and ensure that the boxes are ticked for MS Teams, Panopto and others (e.g. Chrome in this example, for if you plan to use Teams via a web browser or if you plan to use a tool like Google Meet via Chrome – this is a third-party unsupported tool).

Screenshot of the Screen Recording preferences in MacOS Catalina

Finally on Mac OS Catalina only you may also need to check the Accessibility settings to make sure that MS Teams has permissions for the control functions. Again it a case of ticking the boxes and then once you are finished you can close the padlock on the bottom-left of the window to confirm.

Screenshot of accessibility settings on MacOS Catalina

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