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A note about External Examiners

Recordings are only available to users if they were enrolled in the team at the time of the recording​. Recordings are not available for those using external accounts as ‘guests’​.

See our guidance about Recorded Presentations here: Assessed Presentations

If you didn’t follow our guidance about Externals prior to the recording of Assessed Work by your students. There is a way to grant access to these videos after the fact, but it’s a bit frustrating on the part of the video owner.

Sharing an MS Teams Recording (after the fact)

The owner of the video (basically the person who pressed ‘record’ in the session itself) must add the Externals’ as viewers. No one else can change the viewing permissions.

Go to https://stream.microsoft.com and sign in with your University Email and normal username.

In the top menu, choose Content, and Videos (top option).

Screencapture showing the videos choice under the Content tab in the menu in MS Stream

In the list of videos, find the one that you need to share with an External Examiner, and click on the Pencil/Edit button on the far right.

Screencapture of the Edit button highlighted next to a video

Under “Participants” the middle-most block on the page, start typing the University of Brighton email address of your External Examiner. NOTE: It must be the Uni Brighton email, not their own email address. All external examiners have University of Brighton accounts, in order to access our learning materials.

Screencapture of the place to search for a user in the Participants window

Then when the system’s address book finds the account, choose them from the dropdown menu.

Screencapture of the EE account showing up in a dropdown area

Now they are ‘Viewers’ of the video, and you can click Apply to make the change permanent.

Screencapture of the account now in the list of permissions, and the Apply button is highlighted

This will bring you to the video’s page, and there is a share button in the lower left. Click this button.

Screencapture of the Video Player window with the share button in the lower left highlighted.

Copy this Link, and share it with your External Examiner’s. Remind them that when they click this link, they must log in with their University of Brighton details!

Screencapture of the share-link window in Stream


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