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What are the recommended workflows for anonymous marking?

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Within My Studies, there are two main methods of electronic submission of assessment – Turnitin and the My Studies Assignment tool. This FAQ deals only with My Studies Assignments, NOT with Turnitin workflows.

Our recommended workflow when grading My Studies assignments is to use the ‘Mark with usernames hidden’ feature. This allows a marker to mark student work anonymously, but have the flexibility to see student names when required.

Note that this feature is not suitable when multiple markers are required to mark a subset of submissions.

How to use the ‘Mark with usernames hidden’ feature

1. Set up a My Studies assignment submission point – you do not need to choose the Anonymous Marking option!
2. Allow students to submit as usual. As with all anonymous submissions, students should not include any identifying information on their work.
3. When a marker is ready to mark submissions, they should navigate to the Grade Centre (Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre)
4. Locate the column relevant to the assignment submission point. Click the chevron icon at the top of the column and click ‘Mark with usernames hidden’ from the menu.
Mark with usernames hidden Menu choice in the My Studies Grade Centre
5. You will now see a random student’s assignment submission. The grading screen is exactly the same as marking with student names available.
6. It is recommended to not leave a submission mid-marking. If you need to leave a submission partly marked, you should still click Submit to save your marking and feedback. Students should not be able to see the incomplete marking/feedback as this is controlled by the column availability (set when the assignment submission was set yup).
7. Once the marking of a particular submission is complete, a marker can progress to the next submission by using the arrow icons in the main banner

Screencapture of the Navigation bar in "Anonymous" My Studies marking

8. Please note a series of icons can appear in the main banner at the top of the screen.
Green tick icon – this displays if the submission has already been given a mark and this has been submitted (saved).
Grey circle icon – this indicates the submission is ‘exempt’ and should not be marked. This is usually because the submission point was set to allow multiple submissions, and in My Studies, all submissions from a student can be viewed and marked. To prevent confusion, the most recent submission should be marked – and therefore any previous submissions are denoted as ‘exempt’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable ‘marking with usernames hidden’ whilst viewing a particular submission?

  • Yes – but ensure you have saved any marking by clicking the Submit button. At this point the next submission will be displayed, but you can user the naviation arrows in the banner to return to the previous submission
  • Then simply click the ‘Show Usernames’ button on the right hand side when marking a paper. The page will refresh and display the student name
  • To switch back to marking anonymously, simply click the same button which will now appear as ‘Hide Usernames’

If I use Group Smart Views in the Grade Centre, can just mark a group of students with their names hidden?

  • Yes – although there is a bug with this feature. See below:
  • Go to Grade Centre and access the Smart View (e.g. Control Panel > Full Grade Centre > Group 1)
  • Follow the instructions above to mark with usernames hidden
  • On the first time you attempt this, the system will ignore the smart view and show you all students to mark (you can see this because at the top of the banner it will list the number of submissions, which will be far lrager than you expect!)
  • Repeat by going back to grade centre, again access the chosen smart view and start marking with usernames hidden. This time the smart view is respected and you will only see the students you need to mark.

Why can see a grey circle next to a submission?​

  • Because you have allowed multiple attempts, and the student has submitted more than once. Any older submissions are marked as ‘exempt’ (so you don’t mark them). You can however view these exempt attempts if required.

Can I get some advice on using the My Studies assignment tool?

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