Technologies to support Digitally Enabled Learning

This post provides information on the core technologies we will be using for the 20/21 academic year. Information Services will support staff with these tools in the development of digitally-enabled, remote learning and teaching activities and resources underpinned by the Principles of Digitally Enabled Learning to ensure a high quality student experience:

screenshot of MyBrighton student app

My Brighton student app

My Brighton – the new student portal

The My Brighton mobile app and the web portal (which will replace the current My Studies home page) was launched October for this academic year. My Brighton is the single place students go to access digital services and information such as access to their My Studies course and module areas.

My Studies

My Studies continues to be the fundamental platform for supporting learning and teaching. It is reliable, provides a wide range of facilities and is familiar to both staff and students. New Features for 20/21 you can expect are:

1. Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally  launched in August 2020 to automate and support the delivery of accessible content within My Studies. Ally automatically converts content uploaded to My Studies to a variety of accessible formats as well as highlighting to staff any existing content that needs to be improved and providing guidance on how to resolve accessibility issues.

Blackboard Ally alternative formats

Blackboard Ally alternative formats

2. Changes in the Module Template 2020

Changes this past summer included the addition of a link to Microsoft Teams and clear guidance for staff on how to use the template effectively. There was also a change from the use of the word ‘Grades’ to become ‘Marks’ eg ‘My Marks’. This template is now in place for any newly triggered 20/21 modules.

3. Panopto Video

Panopto is a new service implemented in August 2020 to improve our ability to produce high quality pre-recorded learning content. Whilst Panopto offers live lecture capture and streaming capabilities it also provides a wide range of facilities for staff to easily create pre-recorded interactive video content that is automatically made available in My Studies.

Panopto is now available in all 2020 module areas.

Panopto overview diagram

Panopto overview

MS Teams

MS Teams will continue as a means of providing face to face interaction and collaboration as part of the remote teaching context alongside the tools above and in line with the principles.

MS Teams is already available to staff and students and new features will be promoted as Microsoft make them available.

Our existing learning resources

Our library services have added further digital resources and teaching staff should maximise their use of this service through close liaison with Information Advisers who can help develop online reading/resource lists, support student information literacy and identify appropriate new online resources to purchase. In addition to this, the university also has continued access to online resources such as LinkedInLearning, Box of Broadcasts and dedicated subject guides which both staff and students should be encouraged to explore and make best use of.

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