Further support – student group work

If you would like to discuss how to embed group work and peer learning within your courses then please get in touch with colleagues in the Centre for Learning and Teaching via the ‘Group-Remote Teaching’ on Microsoft Teams. We will be continuing to develop resources for assisting online peer learning and group work; in due course we would like to gather case studies of how students are working together  online in this way, so please do keep in touch and share your practice with us.

Resources and Information:

Online peer learning publications can be found here: https://ro.uow.edu.au/ajpl/

International Academic Peer Learning Network and jisc list to join:  http://academicpeerlearning.org/

Building Learning Communities at a distance: https://www.qaa.ac.uk/scotland/en/focus-on/collaborative-activity/building-learning-communities-at-a-distance

Effective use of group projects in online learning:   https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1106897.pdf

Diversity in group work: https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/knowledge-hub/group-work


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