How to create a My Studies assignment

My Studies assignments allow for greater flexibility in the types of files students can submit. While Turnitin only accepts certain text-based files (PDF, Word and PowerPoint etc), My Studies assignments support the following:

  • Video/audio submissions
  • Alternative file types
  • Multiple files
  • Group assignments

My Studies assignments, like Turnitin, are created in the ‘Assessment & Grades’ area of a module, using the following process:

Steps to creating a My Studies assignment

From the content menu at the top of the ‘Assessment & Grades’ area, click the ‘Assessments’ drop-down arrow and select ‘Assignment’ from the list:

View of a studentcentral module 'Assessment & Grades' area, showing the drop-down selection from the 'Assessment' menu option. In this case, Assignment is selected.

You now see the ‘Create Assignment’ page where you need to fill out appropriate information.

Detailed below are the settings/information that are needed. Those highlighted with an asterix are essential, while the rest can be left, unless you have a need to change it.

Assignment information

  • *Name and colour: Give your assignment a name (title) that includes the due-date and time, e.g. ‘AA123 Task 1: Video Submission Due 33rd Mapril, 2021 by 4pm’
  • Instructions: Type any special instructions here. If the assignment is a video submission, please see this guidance about Video Assessments.

Assignment files

Add any assignment information such as an assignment brief.

*Due dates

Set the submission deadline date.


  • *Points possible: Set at ‘100’.
  • Submission details: Here you can allow for multiple submissions, or keep as single attempt. This can also be used to set up group assignments – please speak to your Learning Technologist, if required.
  • *Display of marks: Leave this as default, BUT please untick ‘show to students in My Marks’ – this ensures grades stay hidden from students until tutor is ready to release them manually via the Grade Centre.


  • Make the assignment available: Leave this ticked if you are ready to release the assignment to students. Untick this box if you are just setting up the submission at this stage and will be revealing it to students at a later time.
  • *Limit availability: This is useful to time restrict the submission point. Students can still submit late to a submission point, so it is practical to set the ‘Display until’ date as the submission deadline, meaning students will be prevented from submitting late. Ensure you create a separate late submission point if using this method.

Once you have completed this page, click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the screen to save your submission point.

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