Top Teams tips for teaching

Top tips for online lectures

  1. If planning on running a live lecture through teams you need to dedicate some time to getting your students onboard and provide some familiarisation. We have provided you with some Useful slides to display which you can show to students at the start of an online lecture. Allow at least 20 minutes for this if this is the first time the students have used Teams. If they are familiar, you may still need to allow a few minutes.
  2. There are some really useful tips with how to teach with Teams on this page.
  3. Ask all students to mute themselves when they are not talking (you are also able to mute students individually if needed)
  4. When delivering a lecture, we recommend you encourage students to use the chat feature to type questions/discuss as required. Having large numbers of users trying to talk can be difficult

Large Cohorts

  • Teams can support up to 250 students in a live lecture, however you may choose to prerecord lectures and make them available to your students via My Studies. You can use Panopto to do this.

Notifications on TeamsManaging Notifications

  • You can control notifications for each channel in your Team by clicking the ‘…’ icon for that channel. To start with we recommend you choose to show all new posts in your feed and tick to include all replies – do this in each Team. You can then click the Activity button to keep an eye on all new activity in each of your Teams.

Examples for promoting engagement

  • You could encourage students to work collaboratively on a document as a task. For example, create a template word document for students to fill out. Save this in multiple versions (one for each group) and upload these to the Files area for students to work on (or upload to the chat at a given time during your live lecture.). Students can then collaborate on these files to evidence their learning.
  • Encourage a webquest – for example, take a break during a video call and allow students to search the internet for a useful resource/example. They can then return at a designated time and paste the link to their resource in the chat.
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