Meeting Recordings

We advise you to record and share the lecture so that students who are unable to join the live lesson can still gain access to the content – read Recording Guidance.

Students should be made aware  of the student recording guidance and you can stop students making a Teams recording by setting them as an attendee – see instructions below.

If your Team is set to public, the recording will also be available to all students and staff. Instructions on checking and changing the privacy of your Team.

Understanding Meeting Recordings on Teams

Videos created within Microsoft Teams are saved to a service called Microsoft Stream. You can access Microsoft Stream at the following web address, using your University of Brighton Office365 credentials:

Recorded videos are available in Teams after everyone has left the meeting. The person who started the recording receives an email from Microsoft Stream when the recording is available.

In addition to storing the recording on Microsoft Stream, there will be a link to the recording in the meeting chat for seven days. Anyone who participated in the meeting can access this link and download the recording.

Why can I see videos of other lectures on Stream?

Where a recording is made in a ‘public’ Team, the resulting recording is set as ‘company’ ie can be viewed by any logged in student or staff member. Instructions on checking and changing the privacy of your Team.

Some staff may also choose to set their video as ‘company’ as it allows videos to be watched by a wider audience than just the Team members. It is not possible to restrict a video to only students on a module without selecting the students manually.

How to prevent students recording your meeting/lecture:

If you want to stop individual students recording the meeting or trying to share content themselves you can choose to ‘mute participant’, ‘make attendee’ or ‘remove participant’. They can then rejoin or unmute themselves. Attendees can navigate through Powerpoint slides privately but this does not affect what you or the other students are seeing.
Attendee options

Attendee options

How to remove a recording of a lecture you did not want recorded:

The person who initiates the meeting AND the person who inititates the video recording are both automatically set as Owners of the resulting video. You will be able to click on the three dots next to the video in Teams and then link through to it on Microsoft Stream where you can edit, download, or delete the recording – even if you did not make the recording.

Owner control for a video recording

Owner control for a video recording

How to Save your video offline:

If you want to make your video available offline then you need to download it from Microsoft Streams to your computer. You can download your videos by logging into Streams > going to my content > clicking the three dots on the right of the video > select the option to download.

Screenshot showing how to download video from streams

How do I set my video so all staff can view it?

If you ‘Update video details’ in Stream you can manually change the permissions. If you select ‘Allow everyone in your company to view this video’ then all students and staff can watch it.

You can choose to restrict who you share with by chooseing People, and then add them either individially or by using groups such as ‘office 365 all staff‘:Set video permissions

Note: not all groups are available in Office 365.

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