Team Privacy

We recommend Teams are set as Private.

Teams privacy settings

When creating a team, leave the privacy set as Private, which is the default, and allows you to control who can join your Team.

Public teams are open and discoverable for all staff and students to join without approval from the team owner. Videos made in Public teams are visible to all university staff and students (see: understanding Teams recordings).

warning If you have accidentally madeĀ  your recordings public, changing the privacy of your Team to private (as shown below) will then make the videos private on Stream. This can take up to 30 minutes to catch-up.

You should also check you are clear on the privacy implications if you make use of other apps in Teams e.g. Forms.

How to check the privacy of your Team:

Click the 3 dots next to your Team name and select Edit team.

Edit team

Check the drop down, and change the Team to Private if it is not already.

Change privacy settings



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