Assessed presentations in Microsoft Teams

There are many different ways to organise assessed student presentations in Microsoft Teams. The workflows presented below consider different requirements. These requirements are often based on:

  • Who is required to be in the meeting/presentation?
  • Who will need access to the recordings?
  • Whether you want to schedule all the presentations using the calendar tool


A note about External Examiners

Recordings are only available to users if they were enrolled in the team at the time of the recording​. Recordings are not available for those using external accounts as ‘guests’​.

Our recommendations

  • External examiners are given full UoB accounts​ – so enrol them on your relevant Teams using this account (just search for their name, just like you would add a university staff/student member)
  • If they do not appear, contact your school office. When they set up the account for the External Examiner, they must request Teams/Stream access for their account.
  • You must add your External Examiner this way before recordings are undertaken.

Workflow 1:

Students presenting to the marker(s) and other students​ (in small groups). Student are allowed to access recordings​

  • This is fairly straightforward – you can use an existing module team for this. 
  • Lecturer starts the meeting and students join as usual. 
  • Students can use the share content function to share their screen and present much like lecturers do. 
  • The lecturer should start/stop each students recording as an individual video. Any recordings will be available to all team members


Can I use private channels to divide students into small groups?

  • Yes! (providing you have enabled the new meeting experience)​. Ensure you add any markers/external examiners to every private channel.

Can I prevent students from accessing the recording?

– If you need to prevent access to recordings, you should consider workflow 2.

Workflow 2

Students presenting to the marker(s) and other students​ (in small groups), and you wish to not make recordings available to students. ​


Students presenting to the marker(s) only​ and you wish to not make recordings available to students. 

This workflow requires:

  • Create a new Team and only enrol staff members required (not students). 
  • Channels can be used if you have multiple markers/sessions running at once. 
  • Markers start a meeting in the team as normal. To invite the specific student(s), they can use the Participants button to invite. Students are invited one at a time.
  • Students will be able to share screen, and use their microphone/webcam, BUT they cannot use the chat, nor access the team area (and recordings)
  • Any recordings will be available to all team members (in this case, just markers/external examiners)

It is also possible to use this workflow and schedule the presentation slots using the Calendar tool. This means you can email a link to the meeting in advance. Details below


  • Click the Calendar tool in Teams​ (left side of Teams)
  • Click New Meeting, give your meeting an appropriate title and choose the date/time
  • Under ‘channel’ choose the new marking team you have set up
  • The staff enrolled on the Team will always receive an invite, no need to add them​ to the invitee list.
  • Add student(s) to the specific invite using the invitee’s field. Note these students are not enrolled on the team but still can be invited to the meeting (but with restrictions)
  • Both the staff members enrolled on the Team and the student(s) invited will receive a calendar invite via email and Outlook. 
  • Repeat as necessary to schedule all the presentation slots with the required student(s)

Sharing your video recordings

These instructions apply to either workflow. Whilst external examiners can view recordings via the team they were recorded in, the links to recordings only stay in a team for 21 days. The workflow below will allow external examiners to see all recordings for a team on a single page, anytime.

Instructions for module leader

  1. Go to and sign in with your university email and password
  2. You will see a screen showing a list of your Teams you have access to. You need to find the relevant team. You may need to click ‘show more’ at the bottom of the page to see more teams. If you have many teams and this is tricky use the search box at the top of the screen.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on your team you’ll see a page containing some of the recordings for that specific team (known as ‘Highlights’). Click the Videos tab at the top of the page to see ALL recordings.

screenshot of the video sbutton

4. Copy the link to this page – go to the top of your browser window and copy the whole URL. Paste this somewhere for safekeeping (or straight into an email).

screenshot of microsoft stream

Instructions for External Examiner

If you already use Microsoft Teams at your institution, you may experience a few issues initially accessing the videos link you’ve been given. You may find your web browser ‘remembers’ your other Teams login, which can be frustrating. To resolve this we recommend using Firefox’s in private browsing feature, or Google Chromes incognito feature.

  1. Open either browser in the correct mode as above.
  2. Paste in the video recording link you have been sent
  3. Sign in to Microsoft with your University of Brighton email address and password.
  4. You should now see the recordings page. Click on a video to play


Troubleshooting External Examiner access

I log in to Microsoft Stream but I get an error saying the video is not available to me?

This will either be that your computer is logging you into Microsoft Stream with your home institution account (even if you are putting in your Brighton details!) or the teaching team hasn’t shared the videos with you correctly.

  • Try opening Chrome (incognito) or Firefox (private browsing) and go to
  • Sign in with your university of Brighton details
  • Check you are signed in with the correct account by clicking your initials in the top right corner
  • Now open a new tab in the same browser, and paste in the link you were emailed.
  • If that does not work, please contact the Service Desk ( or call 01273 644444)







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