Microsoft Teams

How to use Microsoft Teams

These pages look at how to use Microsoft Teams. Whilst the focus on these pages is Teaching and Learning, the content applies to all staff using Microsoft Teams, including researchers and professional services staff.

Microsoft Teams is used for:

  •  face-to-face teaching sessions (lectures/seminars/tutorials)
  •  meetings
  • collaboration

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Why Microsoft Teams

All staff and students already have access to Microsoft Teams via their Office 365 accounts. It works across all platforms including mobile devices and can also be accessed via a web browser.


  • To join a live meeting all participants will need audio output – computer speakers or headphones.
  • To be able to speak, you will also need a microphone (but you can communicate via the chat function if a microphone is not available).
  • For others to be able to see you on the call, you will also need a camera, but this is not essential.

Tips: video How to improve your sound and video quality.

Microsoft Teams provides an online, collaboration space for teams of people. Teams works with existing Office 365 products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc). Teams can be used to

  • share and edit online files or documents
  • communicate via video calling
  • message using text and rich content within channels

Face-to-face and online training for Teams is available. Support is also available from your Learning Technologies Advisor.

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