DEL Essentials for Semester 2

Logo of lego bricks, signpost and lily flower with words DEL EssentialsDuring semester 1 staff and students across the University have made an enormous effort towards creating a digitally-enabled learning environment.

For semester 2, we want to emphasise some essential aspects of the Principles of Digitally Enabled Learning, and suggest some small interventions that will add maximum value to the student experience. These directly respond to student and staff feedback, and will help focus time and effort on key activities.

The essentials are:

Follow the links to find out more about the Essentials, and further ideas and activities that support them.

The Essentials are captured in this Postcard .pdf [Postcard .ppt] – and in this 4 minute video introducing the Essentials and the reasons why they are important.


Please feel free to circulate to other staff and use in staff development.

This is also an opportunity for you to share your experiences – by sharing case studies of What’s Worked for you and your students, and some quick feedback on your challenges, successes and what you want to retain in your teaching practices from this time. Both of these will be really useful in supporting our ongoing changes in digital learning.

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