Are you GOT or NOT?


In this case study DDB is one of the most influential advertising groups in New Zealand, working with companies such as McDonald’s, Cadbury’s and BMW to name a few. Sky, who holds exclusive rights to Game of Thrones in New Zealand was trying to promote its new paid channel SoHo to current sky subscribers and also to entice new customers.

Game of thrones Season 4 was fast approaching, and with GOT fans all over the world anticipating the season premiere-DDB decided to go beyond the realms of traditional marketing to try and convert the NOT’s to GOT’s, with the aim of boosting subscriptions to the new channel SoHo.

DDB decided to erect a 7 metre statue of one of the most hated characters in GOT, the evil King Joffrey, in the middle of Auckland’s busiest open spaces,¬†enticing passers by to interact using the hashtag #bringdowntheking, with millions of interactions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, the effigy of Joffrey was brought down to the delight of GOT fanatics worldwide.

The campaign reached 43 million people in 168 countries worldwide, with 875,000 individual interactions relating to the campaign.

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