Task 2: One shot film

Research: Early cinema

The early cinema (1905) was just about getting the audience used to seeing moving images for the first time. The key differences between novels and film are; novels include descriptions, inner emotions/ saying exactly as it is. This is compared to film where you don’t necessarily get spoon-fed exposition, there are visual representations instead.


My film was inspired by silent films in early cinema where the films existed only to keep audiences in suspense and shock them. For example in ‘How it feels to be run over’ by Hepworth in 1900. I wanted to show mine as a modern-day woman getting ready for bed but to film in a way that feels as though the audience is watching me while laying down. This works effectively in capturing the audience’s attention because despite it being a mundane task, you almost expect something unexpected to happen especially by the way I walk out of the frame and come back with no cuts to show where I’ve gone. I also chose to have harsh lighting using just a small lamp pointed directly at me to create hard shadows because if this had been made in 1900 it would have been in black and white so the hard shadows would have worked to make it look more mysterious.

I did two versions, one in black and white to better suit the time where films were not in colour due to technological limitations and one that was not edited at all (With the original colour).

Blog task 4: None narrative film

Kino- eye and none narrative film

Due to the industrial revolution, things needed to change in terms of entertainment. Art became more abstract to create a new meaning. Some of the film types include; modernist film, Avantgarde, Kino-eye and Non-narrative.



My film was influenced by non-narrative films. I wanted to make a short non-narrative surrealist film similar to Salvador Dali. The layering of the different videos into one made it look more unusual. I also played with colour putting some of it in black and white but keeping some in colour, I went with interesting shapes and things that don’t belong as a motif which made it look interesting and still have it make sense to a certain extent. Despite it being non-narrative, I still wanted it to look stylistically at the same and not too much like random shots combined together.