Literary design

The literary design is focused on the writing, character motivations, script and screenplay. Things such as character and story motivations. Typically, the choices a character makes drives the story so the writers usually put them under pressure by making them choose between two different choices.

When writing a screenplay, you have to have a genre in mind. This helps because each genre has certain conventions and character tropes to help the audience recognise that genre. Genre can be hard to define as most films tend to mix or jump between genres.



Is the portrayal of a certain gender to appeal typically in more sexual or less than in comparison to the opposite sex. The male gaze is the portrayal of women to men which typically works in film by having women dressed/ filmed over in an overly sexualised way.

Yes, there's such a thing as a 'female gaze.' But it's not what ...Margot-Robbie-Wears-Tiny-Shorts-To-Play-Harley-Quinn-In-Suicide ...Pin on Low Rise


The audience is the collective group of people who watch the film or who the film is intended for.

Breaking the fourth wall

Getting rid of the metaphorical wall between the narrative and the audience. For example; talking directly to the audience, interacting physically, showing the camera crew/ set. A modern day film that does this throughout is ‘Deadpool’ by consistently talking to the audience and using the actor’s real life name and accomplishments as part of the jokes.Deadpool' Is a Potty-Mouthed Splatterfest. A Really Funny One : NPR


Something you watch as opposed to a story.


Writing for actors and their movement.


Get people to look at things differently.


A category that a film falls under/ ways that a film can be categorised. Different genres of films include; romance, comedy, action ect. Films often cross genres and are it becomes difficult for them to fall under one specific genre.

Denotation and Connotation

Denotation is what something is as we see it. An example of the would be a red dress on a beautiful lady. We see what she’s wearing and describe it so. On the other hand, connotation is what it represents. In the description, the connotation would be that the red dress represents romance and lure or blood which could suggest the female being a femme fetal.


A set of ideas used to explain the world.

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