Blog task 3: Screenplay

Narrative and characterisation in cinema

Characters in film typically have consequences due to their actions which is how we get the plot. Great characters engage the audience. Character development is shown through; description, action, dialogue, interior thought and backstory.

The narrative is broken down into; genre, the main protagonist, a goal, obstacle and what’s important (why are you making this).

This week’s task was to write a page or two of a screenplay introducing a character. We read different scripts from different directors but the one we wanted to try to imitate was Taika Waititi’s screenplay ‘Jojo rabbit’ as he adds camera angles and character descriptions into his screenplay.

My character’s name is Bethany Crow and she is a socially awkward badass teenager who lives a double life but is trying get back to normal life. She struggles a lot with her identity constantly feeling misunderstood and alone. The first two pages are attached below.


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