Week Five


Social Media 

Ideals of the internet:

  • For sharing
  • User-generated
  • Having a voice
  • Enhancing our experience of the world
  • Digital citizenship (being responsible for what happens online)

New media can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any digital device. The content is unregulated unless reported by other users and content creators which can cause issues.

Using social media from a professional point of view / Growing your platform and followers

  • Make sure content is audience focused and relevant to your followers
  • Visual content will be better received than text
  • Write captions and text in a positive tone
  • Do not spam followers with promo and ad content

Week Four


Context of work:

what is the context? Context is the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, in terms in which it can be fully understood. In terms of context around work, it would be what’s happening around the artwork at the time.

Theoretical Context

  • Building a theory of painting through your practise and experience
  • Allows theory to inform your work (before, during and after work).
  • Theory and practise go hand in hand

Theories that I feel intertwine with my own artworks and belief system include: Queer Theory, Feminist criticism and Lesbian/Gay criticism. By applying feminist critique to my work, I am able to withdraw abstract shapes that can be deemed to reflect the feminine form and female anatomy. Through feminist and queer contexts, it allows my work to be understood through the persepctive of a queer and female artist. These critisms and current social issues surrounding women, trans women and non-binaries, are significant threads that feed into the fluidity of my artwork. Queer theory and Lesbain/Gay criticism when applied to my work, uses the curves to reflect the fluidity in gender, and how the line between feminine and masculine is becoming more ambiguous.


Week two

Reviewing exhibition curation skills:

  • The exhibition can either be based around work or a theme can be established and then work made around it.
  • You must always do a walk around of a show before opening to the public.
  • Labels should be put together in front of the work and not outside of studio.

what should be considered in an exhibition?

  • Purpose
  • Nature, scope and intention
  • Location
  • when is it opening?
  • Instillation

Module introduction

9th February 2021

  • Promoting work through social media and buisness cards is a professional way to present yourself.
  • Social media for art/buisness should remain seperate from personal life in some instance.
  • Having multiple projects on the go at once is a good practice.
  • Keeping up to date with both world affairs and art news.
  • Time management is a key skill!

Module descriptor notes

  • Review and evaluate proffesional development skills.
  • Create well structured and clearly presented work.
  • Develop work theoretically.