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This blog is where we showcase the University of Brighton’s current projects and initiatives in  learning and teaching and digital technology, highlighting some case studies of innovative practice from across the university. For University of Brighton staff, further information can be found on our internal webpages.

Active learning network logo

UoB Active Learning Network satellite group

University of Brighton sets up satellite group of the Active Learning Network We are delighted  to be establishing a satellite group of the Active Learning Network (ALN) at the University of Brighton. The ALN is a global network of academic colleagues, both individual members and other satellite groups, who are interested in promoting active learning…

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Recording a podcast session

Digital Learning Partnership project – podcasts

Top image: Recording of a podcast in the Sound Studio The following four Projects Podcast episodes about the Digital Learning Partnership Projects have been hosted and produced by interns Phoebe Fields and Davina Twumasi who worked in the Learning and Teaching Hub in the summer of 2023.   These podcasts provide a snapshot of the projects…

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Taking a first approach to generative AI in learning and teaching

There is already much online and offline noise about the topic being addressed in this latest post, that of generative AI tools and their impact (positive, or otherwise) upon assessment. With this in mind, and a desire not to unnecessarily add to the chatter, we shall briefly talk about practical, non-technological methods of detecting whether…

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Laptop showing the Ultra interface

Transition to Ultra

Since 2019 the Digital, Portal and Intranet Services (DLPIS) team have made progress towards moving our existing Blackboard Learn system to a new interface, called ‘Ultra’. In July 2021, the first phase of this was completed with the move to ‘ultra base navigation’. This essentially changed the overall look and feel of the site, but retained…

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Photo showing a podcast recording taking place

Talking about Teaching Podcast

Top image: Recording of a podcast in the Sound Studio Welcome to the Talking About Teaching podcast hosted by the University of Brighton. In these podcast episodes, we’ll be talking to staff and students about aspects of learning and teaching from strategic developments and initiatives to assessment and feedback, student experience, widening participation, digital learning,…

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An image showing a man using a VR headset

Immersive technologies in teaching and learning

At Digifest 2023 our team learnt about the latest technological innovations in teaching, learning, research and assessment. Wales Virtual Hospital showcased an immersive teaching platform used collaboratively with higher education institutions and the NHS. In FE, Unified Seevic Palmer’s College embraced immersive rooms and a VR campus that helped solve a teacher shortage. Virtual reality…

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Inclusive assessment and feedback

Inclusive assessment and feedback: enhancing our understanding and practice via collaborative research. During the last eighteen months, colleagues from across the University, including staff in the Learning and Teaching Hub, and our Evaluation and Policy Department, have been partnering with other University Alliance institutions on two QAA Collaborative Enhancement projects investigating aspects of inclusive assessment….

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Image of IP framework

University of Brighton’s Inclusive Curriculum Framework

There has been a major change in approaches to inclusive learning and teaching in recent years that moves away from identifying individual students’ educational needs and adapting practice, to anticipatory and proactive design of curricula, which values diversity and that all can access. As such, an inclusive design for Higher Education curricula has at its…

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The Co:Lab Curriculum Design Process & Toolkit

Co:Lab is a developmental curriculum design approach developed by the Learning and Teaching Hub at the University of Brighton to support course teams engaging in curriculum design activities. We have been running Co:Lab since 2021 and provision has grown rapidly enabling support for over 40 course teams and over 100 workshops delivered in the last…

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