Invited Lecturers

Several recognized invited lecturers will give stimulating lectures on various topics related to SWEP. They will offer a panoramic view of the field and on the most recent results.

Plenary Lectures

David Brutin: Wetting and drying of blood for medical and forensic applications

Edward Smith: Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Bubbles Nucleation on Surfaces


Miad Yazdani: Computational prediction of icing physics and dynamics


Roberto Mauri: Modelling of Surface Wettability Effects Using a Thermodynamic-Based Phase Field Models of Multiphase Systems


Serafim Kalliadasis: Challenges of modelling the moving contact line problem and recent progress: bridging scales from the nano- to the macroscale


Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman: Hydrodynamics and heat transfer during impact of single drops and drop chains on heated substrates in pure vapor atmosphere


Anastasios Georgoulas: Isolating the effect of wettability in flow boiling within micro-passages, utilising advanced VOF-based CFD simulations


Book of Abstracts

The abstracts of these plenary lecturers have been collected and are now available in the Book of Abstracts.

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