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A collaboration between Naomi Salaman, Sophie Gibson and Ash Faers kicks off a new series of works for the Sweetshop. Ash Faers has installed her collection of finds from regularly walking a stretch of Brighton beach, during 2021. Picked up, sorted and displayed, this work offers entertainment and dismay in equal measure. Above this symptomatic trace of the shore line are three drawings of Seaford Bay, just a few miles up the coast from Brighton.

These drawings are landscapes of the everyday comings and goings at the shore; winter swimmers; traces of migrant boats; fishermen – and the view of the horizon and the sky. Looking out to sea seems timeless and at the same time relentlessly marking time – tides come in and out; the sun and moon come and go.  Ash Faers’s collections are random finds over time from what the weather and tides bring in, and people leave behind. Naomi Salaman and Sophie Gibson’s drawings use snapshots to build an enormous, epic scale. What the three artists share is an acknowledgement that everything is changing, that a man-made pollution tipping point is approaching that is difficult to represent or event conceptualise.

April 15th 2022


5 thoughts on “SEA SHORE (TEMPORARY)

  1. Living in Lewes I have walked by this window exhibition numerous times. This work is beautifully presented, considered and thought provoking.
    Thank you .

  2. Fabulous insights into the rhythms of wave bringing us back to us whether we like it or not, set against some sublime realisations of the ephemeral human visitors bathed in what is an extraordinary rendition of sunlight in the drawings.

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