Sweetshop window installation

Eva Louise Jonas | Material Anyways

paper roll shot in studio


Material Anyways

Eva Louise Jonas

October 2019


These pieces of work, made over the last three years, would often act as ways in which to deviate from a larger body of work in progress. Feeling the need to focus on material and so turning to a space where complete fabrications are made, a studio. As if to nod to the very make-up of an image, that of grain and pixels, through mapping, folding and grids.


corner of room


At first, I would explore spaces associated with visual presentation, studio, garden and car wash. Photographing the forms and props that lay dormant, creating ripples and lines, interior landscapes of sorts. Then moving on to constructing surfaces in these spaces out of large pieces of paper, pinning the paper close together in grids and other arrangements – the paper appearing to hover against a sable black abys, situated in nothingness.


contact prints in window


The two larger works hanging in the windows are made up of nine pieces of newsprint. The lines where each print meet echoing the folds of the paper in the darkroom prints on the window shelf, and then once again when stepping back, by the frames of the window pane.



Sweetshop window installation


Eva Louisa Jonas is a Brighton-based photographic artist whose works draw directly from her immediate surroundings, focusing on the ontological self and its extensions as different interventions with the environment. Often recording our gestural responses to the tactility of the natural world in a variety of textures, she would then execute a making process to incorporate the frames and surfaces of the physical photograph into an exploration of materials and printing techniques. Eva has worked collaboratively across disciplines, most recently with Nagoya-based performance artist Rin Takahashi for the 2018 exhibition Mind Your Head during her exchange programme at Nagoya University of the Arts, Japan.


Website: www.evalouisajonas.com/ @evalouisaj (Instagram)

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