front of shop with MIKEY Cuddihy work on paper


studio wall with drawings on it

She Paintings – Mikey Cuddihy


The source for my work comes mainly from small doodles or ‘aides memoires’ transformed in the past to large-scale installations, paintings and drawings. In these new works, the doodles are simplified to emblematic, life-sized forms where gesture and the body come into play when painting them.

Paper cut out pillows in studio

More recently I’ve been taking the forms away from their flat, wall-based context, and turning them into stuffed paper shapes placed on the floor, as if they’ve escaped their moorings.

The altered magazine page – a series made at the beginning of the year, stands as drawing in its own right, the imagery interacting with, and altering the meaning of the original photograph and text.

drawing on fashion magazinepen drawing on fashion magazine

But what are these painted shapes hanging in the sweetshop window? What have they become now I’ve brought them out into the world? I see them as female, as women, sometimes with an almost comic reference to female body parts. Ultimately, these works have moved in stages from an intimate space to a very public one: on the wall / in the window facing out to the street. I like that.


  • Works: L-R (hanging) She: 1, 2, 3, 2019 (watercolour on heritage paper)
  • Painted shapes on the floor: Shapes of things (various) 2019 (watercolour, paper, staples).
  • Magazine drawing: Late Night Melancholia, 2019 (spirit-based marker on magazine page)

Referencing the body in earlier work: Romola 1989 and Animal Vegetable Me 1989 (below) –  doodles were enlarged for the first time, enlarged into biomorphic forms, and painted out on the floor, referencing the body in a more visceral form.

colourful Painting of bean pod like shapes

In later work, from 2000, I make a series of knicker drawings, which were selected by Mary Kelly (feminist icon) for inclusion in East International. Another series of these drawings were later selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize.

I also write, and recently published a piece with DACS – about artists’ provenance, and how a piece of work I threw away ended up on a famous YBA artist’s wall.

In 2014, I published a memoir about my childhood and early life as an artist living and working in London. Here’s a review:

You can read more about me in this biography page on my website:

front of shop with MIKEY Cuddihy work on paper


  1. Lovely to see Mikey’s work in the window of Sweetshop, Lewes for this latest turnaround of contemporary artworks. I’m always intrigued to see what might come up next, with Mikey and Sweetshop !

  2. Thanks Karen! The work although recent was all pre breakup (w intimations!) I’m hoping I can work w more focus. Installing the show felt seamless – Naomi was so great to work with!

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