GREEN-ICU Research


The University of Brighton Research Ethics Committee approved the GREEN-ICU staff views workstream (Reference 2021-7622) which includes an online survey, interviews and Twitter chat.

Online survey and interview  Рvolunteers needed

The purpose of the survey and interview is to explore environmental sustainability issues in intensive care practice from the point of view of those working in intensive care or who are somehow connected to intensive care units.

Survey – short, 5-minute questionnaire

Interview information sheet – 30 to 40 minutes online via Microsoft Teams.

Inclusion criteria for the survey and interview:

  • Intensive care unit staff including clinicians, researchers, educators, managers, administrators and supportive roles from any profession
  • Staff involved with cleaning, waste management or procurement for intensive care units
  • Hospital estates or sustainability roles influencing intensive care units
  • Participants can come from any country, although questions are in English

Exclusion criteria of survey and interview:

  • Staff from ‘mental health intensive care’ because this is a different specialty and is not the focus of the GREEN-ICU study

Exclusion criteria of interview:

  • Current students of Dr Heather Baid, University of Brighton.

Contact for details about the survey or interview options.