Conference 2019

Sustainability and Health: Small Steps, Big Changes

5th annual conference – 3 May 2019

Checkland C122, Falmer Campus, University of Brighton BN1 9PH

Registration booking website – £40 to attend including lunch (speakers and students free)

The conference aims to present the diversity of sustainable practices within health and social care settings and to inspire change towards more sustainable practices.  We extend an invitation to academic and clinical colleagues from a wide range of disciplines who are engaged in sustainability.

The theme this year is all about making small steps to create big changes, we would like to hear about your experience of and your research into sustainability.  How does sustainability impact on what you do, what you teach, what you research, how you practice?

The conference will have a range of presentations related to the theme.  We invite you to submit an abstract for a paper to be presented in a session or a poster to be displayed at the conference.

Call for abstracts – abstract guidelines

Please send your abstract clearly identified as a paper or poster abstract by 25 January 2019 to

If you are interested in having an exhibitor stand at this conference for your organisation or company, please contact the conference team at the email addess above.