Safe cycling tips!

  • Use front and rear bike lights at night, and a red rear reflector.
  • Wear a cycle helmet
  • Wear high visibility or reflective clothing, including backpack covers and reflective bands, so you are visible to road users.
  • Make sure your brakes are effective & in good working order.
  • Watch out for vehicles parked in cycle lanes, or crossing cycle lanes. Always check behind you before pulling out!
  • Maintain your bike properly / get it regularly serviced. Badly maintained bike can land you in a nasty accident. Haynes Bike Book is a great guide for how to clean and maintain your bike.
  • Don’t cycle too quickly where it’s not appropriate.
  • Try to avoid rush-hour traffic if you can!
  • Brighton and Hove City Council have a cycle safety advice webpage, full of helpful tips, plus links to relevant sections of the Highway Code, which it is important all cyclists are aware of and comply with.
  • Take advantage of free cycle training and maintenance courses in Brighton & Hove, for residents over the age of 14. Learn how to fix your bike and be more confident cycling. Find out about the free courses on offer here.

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