Those who fought with Orwell – an online talk by Andy Durgan

Those who fought with Orwell. The international volunteers of the POUM image

Those who fought with Orwell: The international volunteers of the POUM – a talk to the George Orwell Society by Andy Durgan

Sunday 9 October 2022, 6pm online

Andy Durgan is a historian who has lived and worked in Barcelona for forty years. He has published extensively on the history of the Spanish Civil War and its origins, in particular in relation to the history of the POUM. He was Historical Advisor on Ken Loach’s award-winning film Land and Freedom. He is a member of the Fundació Andreu Nin.

He will speak about his new book “Voluntarios por la revolución. La milicia internacional del POUM en la Guerra Civil Española”. The book deals with the little-known history of the hundreds of foreign volunteers (apart from Orwell) who fought with the POUM during the first year of the Spanish Civil War. (Laertes, ISBN13: 9788418292682)

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