FAQ’s Contact Details Whilst On Placement?

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Who to Contact on Placement?

What are the correct updated email addresses to contact people on? (there has been some confusion recently with some old emails still on the placement profile site)

The placement profiles are regularly updated if an email address is no longer valid it should be reported to the Placement Team. Alternatively, contact details of placements can often be found online and students are encouraged to try to contact placements at least two weeks prior to starting.

Where can I access support on placement if I need to speak to someone about issues I may be having?

The University of Brighton offers students a great deal of support. Students can receive counseling, self-help resources, student support and guidance tutors (SSGTs), courses to help you manage wellbeing with either just yourself or with other students, LGBTQ+ support, violence and abuse support, residential support, faith and spirituality and pregnancy, and parenthood support. To help students seek out the correct support for them the university will ask you to contact your SSGTs first to ensure your wellbeing and deal with any issue that may need addressing. To then access wellbeing support students are asked to fill out a wellbeing registration form, this is accessible here: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/brighton-students/your-student-life/my-wellbeing/wellbeing-registration/index.aspx The team will then contact you to suggest an initial assessment to think further about your needs.

I feel that I am being bullied, discriminated against, or treated unfairly/poorly by a member or members of staff whilst on placement. What can I do?

No students should be treated in this way and it is of top priority of the University and the trust that students are looked after properly whilst on placements. If you feel that this is happening to you on placement, please report this immediately to the practice liaison lecturers, PLLEast@brighton.ac.uk; PLLCentral@brighton.ac.uk; PLLWest@brighton.ac.uk

If I am unable to attend placement due to unforeseen circumstances or sickness who do I contact?

Follow this link for more information on how to report your absence: https://studentcentral.brighton.ac.uk/webapps/blackboard/content/listContentEditable.jsp?content_id=_3412390_1&course_id=_114139_1&content_id=_3440916_1

I am concerned about a placement allocation. Who do I contact?

To see if you meet any of the grounds for requesting a change to your placement review the ‘Requesting a change to placement’ policy available in ‘Support in placement’.

To make a request contact Theresa Corkill t.k.corkill@brighton.ac.uk using the email heading: ‘Placement Change Request’.
Any change to your placement will be emailed to your University email.

I cannot attend a placement due to health reasons/ shielding. What can I do?

The course team can set up alternative arrangements for students and will do their best to support students and ensure they qualify on time. It is best to discuss this with the Practice Learning Lead for Nursing Theresa Corkill T.K.Corkill@brighton.ac.uk or your course leader.