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New Microsoft Teams is coming: check your computer’s compatibility now

The university will be upgrading its Microsoft Teams application to the new version on 31 March 2024. Microsoft released a new version of Microsoft Teams towards the end of 2023 and asked organisations to manage their transition from the current version, with a deadline of April 2024. The university has chosen to wait until 31…

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Warning: My Yearbook emails targeting students

We’ve been made aware of emails being sent to students from asking you to sign up to their service in order to be included in their 2023/24 yearbook.

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Protect yourself from online abuse – ‘Sextortion’

‘Sextortion’ is an increasingly common form of blackmail that involves threatening to publish sexual information, photos or videos about someone. This may be to gain money or to coerce the victim to do something against their will. People are often targeted through dating apps, social media, webcams or pornography sites. Perpetrators may use a fake…

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