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Spending Christmas here?

Lots of our students stay in Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings over Christmas. They might be staying to work, spend Christmas with their friends or if they’re international students, it might be that flights are too expensive. For those who are staying, there’s plenty you can do. You could volunteer There are lots of shelters for…

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Five ways to make it through the festive season

Managing your uni work with party invitations, time with your family and a job can be really hard during the festive period. Follow our tips to make things a bit easier. Keep on top of things Stay in control by keeping any paperwork together in folders so you don’t lose anything, it will make revising…

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Having doubts about your course?

Settling in to university can be challenging; there are loads of new things, people and places to get to know, as well as learning a new subject and dealing with assignments and for some, it’s the first time away from home. Before you make any final decisions, there are a few things that you can…

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The Juggling Act

So you’ve found a job, fantastic! But how do you juggle work with your studies and having a social life? We spoke to students who explain that it is possible to have it all. Christine is a second year Law student at the uni and juggles four children with her studies and running her home…

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Catching up with graduates at the Careers Fair

This year’s Careers Fair was a chance to meet potential future employers and find out about different career paths. There were over 100 businesses and organisations at the event! Not only were employers and recruitment teams there, but some of our graduates came back to visit us too. Luke Miles, who now works at Toyota,…

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A day in the life of Harry

Harry is one of our amazing ambassadors who you might see helping out around uni at events and open days. There’s an ambassador for everything; they’re used for summer schools, open days, visitor tours, lectures from alumni and on social media. “When you’re a student, you have the freedom to try out new things. You get…

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Student ambassadors

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador for 2014/15?

If it sounds like something you want to do, here’s what you need to know. Pay A very generous £8.50 p/h with holiday pay Food We put on a good spread at our events so if you’re working, you’re most certainly entitled to have a munch!  Breaks Ambassadors get a paid 30 minute break for…

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How to make your CV stand out

Your CV is your way of showing someone why they should hire you! Put it together well and showcase the best of your abilities. Follow our top tips to avoid having your CV overlooked. Short and sweet No one wants to read pages and pages of writing, especially not busy employers! Keep it within two…

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Five ways to get a job

Maybe you’re thinking about getting a part-time job or you’re starting to think about your career after graduating. We spoke to students on each campus to hear their top tips for getting a job. Tom is in his second year studying Humanities whilst working in a supermarket on weekends. He says: “It’s really important that…

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Careers Fair 2014

This year’s Careers Fair was one of the best to date with even more employers and organisations at the event than ever before. It was a chance for you to explore your career options beyond university and an opportunity to network. Students could find out about work experience and summer internships as well as graduate…

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