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Concerned about exams clashing with a religious festival?

If you’re unable to take an exam on a particular day this Spring / Summer due to observing a religious festival such as Ramadan, it’s important to let us know as soon as possible.

You should:

If you have concerns about Ramadan or another religious festival coinciding with any catch-up workshops, placements, or other sessions being held during the Summer Term, you should also notify your Course Leader (however, you do not need to complete the above form – this is only for formal exams).

Further guidance

Our Student Wellbeing Service, Faith and Spirituality Service or Students’ Union can advise you how best to manage your religious commitments during exams.

If you have any queries about the Religious observance and examination arrangements guidance, you can also contact the Student Experience and Equalities Manager at

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Katy Croft • 31 January 2024

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