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TV licence refund

Got a TV licence but moving out of accommodation? You may be entitled to a refund

If you’re living in halls or private accommodation and soon to move out, you may be entitled to some extra holiday spending money in the form of a TV Licence refund.

Get a refund if you move out early

However you pay for your licence, you could get a part-refund if you live in student accommodation for less than 12 months. Find out more from the TV Licencing website.

What if I’m moving to different student accommodation?

Your licence won’t automatically move with you. Once you know where you’re moving to, and when, update your details to stay covered. Get further help and advice about moving house.

If you live in a house or flat where the lease is shared, you can also share a TV Licence. Have a separate tenancy agreement? You’ll need your own licence.

Moving out of student halls?

Download your moving out of halls checklist in English (PDF)

From the bills that need setting up, to easy ways to stick to a budget. Moving out of halls and into a place with your friends is exciting – but like any move, it can be stressful. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to sort out and keep in mind.

  • Nominate the household bill keeper – They set up your utility bill accounts and payments, so everything’s kept organised.
  • Work out a laundry rota – So you all have time to wash and dry your clothes (goodbye Febreze, hello fresh threads).
  • Choose a food shopper and cooker – That way, everyone gets involved with day-to-day tasks.

Robin Coleman • 5 June 2023

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