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New and improved My Brighton coming soon

Upgrade the My Brighton app, 13 February for big improvements

We are pleased to announce that the new and improved version of My Brighton will be released 13 February with a completely new look and added features. Based on student feedback, the app and web portal’s design and navigation has been overhauled to improve usability with services and information placed in logical pages or ‘dashboards’.

My Brighton home page - desktop and mobile

New ‘dashboards’ to help you find the service or information you need

The Home dashboard shows your essential functions like email, timetable and menu tiles to deeper content. We also feature our new announcements channel where you’ll see all the important news from the university.

Under the Support dashboard you get direct access to the university services to help you through your academic journey with us. This includes the Student Helpdesk (which you can use to access Student View), services for wellbeing, finance, accommodation and more.

Within the Studies dashboard, as well as My Studies, you’ll find your own schools’ news feed and website link. Study-related services like our own Student Skills Hub and LinkedIn Learning, a huge resource of video-based training courses will be home here.

Library and IT services are represented in their own dashboard giving you access to their services plus OneDrive, MS Teams, Unicard top-ups.  Finally, our Getting Around dashboard brings back our campus maps and travel information.

A new home for campus events

The Student Life dashboard brings together content from other university websites featuring blog posts covering student interests such as careers, financial support etc. It will also be the new home for campus events so will list inspiring lectures, workshops, career development talks plus the fun nights out and experiences you can expect from the Students’ Union.

My Brighton Student Life page

Watch our walk-through video

New shortcut menu on mobile/app

My Brighton Library page - mobile version We know that the majority of students will be using the mobile version of My Brighton, therefore we have included a floating navigation bar containing shortcut icons to the most used functions i.e. email, timetable and My Studies.

How to get the new version of My Brighton

If you already have the My Brighton app on your phone then you simply need to update to the new version. Depending on your device settings this will either update automatically or go through the Google and Apple Stores manually.

Once installed, you will need to consent for it to access your email and calendar as well as logging into My Studies. You maybe also be asked to login to university systems for authentication so use your email address ( and password when prompted. Get help if you’ve forgotten your password or login details.

See the links below for your preferred device:

If accessing My Brighton through a web browser then work will begin from Friday evening, 10 February to push these changes through and you will simply need to refresh the website on your browser. Please be aware that these changes may take an overnight cycle and some users may experience some downtime during the weekend 11-12 February.

We want your feedback

With the large range of changes brought in we know there’ll be some improvements we can still make. Go through the side menu for My Brighton and use our Feedback option. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions, both positive and negative.

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Robin Coleman • 27 January 2023

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