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Andrew Dilley lecture: Touching a nerve

Book your place at our upcoming Inaugural lecture series

We host inaugural lectures throughout the academic year. These events are free, open to students, staff and the public and are the first lecture delivered by a newly-appointed professor at the University.

Our Inaugural lectures are a great chance to gain insights into a variety of thought-provoking research topics. After each talk there will be opportunities for informal conversation and refreshments, book your place to each lecture via the booking links below.

Professor Barbara Philips – Individualising chaos: Prescribing drugs in high stakes environments – 29 March 6.30pm, Chowen Lecture Theatre, BSMS Teaching Building, University of Sussex

Individualising chaos promotionPrescribing in intensive care requires a dynamic response of dose reviews and adjustments. Understanding the potential changes in pharmacokinetics is essential for effective prescribing strategies. Professor Philips will discuss her research of physiological changes in critically ill patients and how prescribing is affected.

Read more about the lecture and book your place.

Professor Andrew Dilley – Touching a raw nerve: Controversies in the field of chronic pain – 3 May 6.30pm, Chowen Lecture Theatre, BSMS Teaching Building, University of Sussex

Andrew Dilley lecture: Touching a nerveChronic pain remains a clinical enigma. Why do some patients describe debilitating pain that is life changing, yet with no obvious cause?

Professor Andrew Dilley will take you on a journey as he tries to unravel the complexities of chronic musculoskeletal pain. He will explore how inflammation can drive changes in our peripheral nerves that contribute to symptoms, and how these changes may be common to a plethora of painful conditions.

Read more about the lecture and book your place.

Previous lectures

Professor Rusi Jaspal – Identity: Its creation, growth and defence among gay and bisexual men – 15 February 6.30pm, Room 103 and 104, Elm House

backs of 2 people, one leaning on another.

In his professorial inaugural lecture, Professor Rusi Jaspal will describe the major findings of his qualitative and quantitative research into the creation, growth and defence of identity among gay and bisexual men. This research has used identity process theory to understand “coming out”, the reconciliation of potentially competing identity elements (e.g., religion and sexuality) and, crucially, protective factors such as identity resilience.

Read more about the lecture and book your place.

Professor Becky Allen – The hidden lives of teachers: Seeking best practice in a diverse world – NOW CANCELLED

Child and teacher in school

Teachers are unusual professionals, carrying out much of their work in a classroom where they are isolated from others in the profession. This facilitates ‘professional looseness’ whereby a wide variety of classroom practices can emerge and persist, both across schools and across classrooms within a school.

Drawing on her experience of asking around 8,000 teachers three questions a day since 2017, Becky takes the 40 million responses to over 4,000 unique questions to describe the enormous diversity we observe in the daily lives, beliefs and practices of teachers in the classroom.


Katy Croft • 5 January 2023

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