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Safety on the street – advice on staying safe whilst out at night

Now that winter is upon us and the days are shorter, we are all likely to spend more time out and about outside of daylight hours. This can lead to heightened feelings of vulnerability for some of us. There are some simple steps that we can take to help us feel safer and more assured.

Here are some tips that we hope you find helpful (* see our the post’s source and guidance notes at the bottom of this article):

Plan ahead

  1. Before you go out, consider how you are going to get home, e.g. can you travel home with a friend? What time does the last bus/train leave?
  2. Prepare for your day before you leave – consider what you might need.
  3. Update someone on your plans.
  4. Consider carrying a personal alarm.
  5. Plan your journey – Google Streetview is particularly useful for identifying landmarks in an unknown area before you set off.

When travelling on foot

  1. Try to use well-lit, busy streets and use the route you know best.
  2. Plan your route before you set off.
  3. Avoid higher risk areas.
  4. If you think you are being followed, trust your instincts and take action. As confidently as you can, cross the road, turning to see who is behind you. If you are still being followed, keep moving. Head to a busy area and tell people what is happening. If necessary, call the police.

Remain aware

  1. Be aware when using cash point machines. If there are signs of tampering or people acting suspiciously, do not use it.
  2. Try not to keep all your valuables in one place. It’s a good idea to keep valuables such as wallets in an inside pocket and separate small amount of cash or a bankcard from your main purse/wallet.
  3. Consider carrying a personal safety alarm, which can be used to shock and distract an attacker giving you vital seconds to get away.

Within nightclubs, pubs, bars or other night-time venues

  1. If you witness or feel concerned for your own personal safety within a night-time venue then approach the venue’s bar or security staff for assistance. Depending on the situation, they canassist you discreetly by either calling a taxi for you, ensure you’re not on your own or by contacting the police for further support.
  2. In Brighton and Hove, Sussex Police has a specially trained team to offer support around local night venues. See Night Safety Marshals launched in Brighton and Hove | Sussex Police.
  3. Finally, a local charity provides access to ‘Safe Space’ for those on a night out who become vulnerable through alcohol or drug use and need immediate assistance. See Safe Space – Brighton (

*About these safety tips

The original source for this blog post is taken from Personal safety out and about | Suzy Lamplugh Trust. We would like to clarify that general personal safety advice provided here is in no way intended to suggest that taking such actions will eliminate incidents of aggression and violence. The guidance merely helps readers better understand how to assess and mitigate risks to their personal safety. The information listed may therefore be used as the preliminary steps one can take to either conduct risk planning, where it is possible in specific contexts, or alert others if they feel unsafe.

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Robin Coleman • 27 October 2022

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