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Get tips and help for life’s pressures: Sign up for the ‘UOK?’ workshops now

Are you a foundation or first year student? Our Wellbeing Champions want to support your mental health and wellbeing this semester!

From 9 November, they will be running a series of workshops on how to manage the stresses of university life, so you can stay healthy, mentally and physically, and achieve your full potential. The Wellbeing Champions  leading the sessions are second or third year University of Brighton students. They will draw on their own experiences to share their top strategies on how to manage your mental health while you study. 

The sessions are designed for foundation and first year students. Each discussion will be based around a central theme. You can sign up below for all 5 sessions, or just the ones that relate to areas of interest for you. 

UOK? Workshop themes and dates

Our Wellbeing Champions will be running these sessions in-person. Check the schedule below and add the dates to your calendar now, so you don’t forget!

Time: All five dates 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: Watts room 510 and, for 7 December only, within Mithras room G30

NB: To create a safe space where everyone feels free to be open and honest, the sessions will not be recorded. 

Wednesday 9 November – Introduction to good mental health

A discussion based workshop, looking at the pressures we face when starting university and how we can better look after our mental health through them. Share your own strategies, learn from each other and find out where to go for extra support 

Wednesday 16 November – Health and Wellbeing

A discussion based workshop exploring how to look after your mental health through everyday lifestyle choices. Physical health, relationships, sleep all impact how we feel. In this workshop we will reflect on current habits and share tips on how to live a more mentally healthy life. 

Wednesday 23 November – Social Pressure

Starting University can come with a host of new social challenges and can test our sense of belonging. In this workshop we will explore what it means to belong and discuss feelings of isolation and social anxiety, how it feels and what we can do to support each other through it. 

Wednesday 30 November – Financial Pressure

Managing money, often for the first time, can be a shock, and is one of the biggest sources of worry for many of us. In this workshop we will look at budgeting, where to go if you need support or advice, how money impacts our mental health and strategies for staying mentally healthy while looking after your finances. 

Wednesday 7 December – Academic Pressure

Most of us will feel stress linked to study, whether it is exams, coursework or pressure about a future career. This has never been more true than when going through a global pandemic. This workshop explores why we feel stress and how we can manage it more effectively. 

How to register for the UOK? workshops

Please use the form below to register for these workshops. If the form does not display then use this online registration form. For any queries, please email

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Robin Coleman • 17 October 2022

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