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Work for us: student course reviewers wanted

Do you want to have impact on the student experience? As part of a new university pilot scheme, we’re looking for undergraduate and postgraduate students to join staff to help us review new and existing courses as Student Reviewers.

What does the role involve?

Every new course is reviewed by a validation panel before being approved for teaching. Existing courses are also periodically reviewed regularly to ensure that the standards secured at validation still apply.

Each panel is made up of a cross section of staff from the University, external panel members for each subject area (normally an academic at another institution) and a Student Reviewer. All panel members are equal. The Student Reviewer gives a vital insight into the student experience and helps ensure the student experience is at the heart of the university’s quality processes.

The role of the Student Reviewer requires an ability to critically reflect upon the student experience of new and existing courses. Student Reviewers will be trained and supported. A full induction to the University’s quality assurance process will be provided to give you the confidence and skills needed to make a valued contribution.

You will be required to carefully review course documentation and provide written and oral feedback (as part of a pre-meeting online scrutiny phase and at the event itself). You will be required to participate in at least one event taking place during the 2022-23 academic year.

What are the benefits being a Student Reviewer?

Being a Student Reviewer means you get the opportunity to have a measurable impact on the student experience. Your role will help to ensure that students are getting the University experience that they deserve.

You will be paid for your role at a rate of £10.46 per hour (up to a maximum of £200) per event plus expenses (subject to prior agreement).

The role will provide you with experience and skills which will enhance your CV including:

  • working with a range of different staff at the university
  • working in a professional setting
  • providing feedback on behalf of the student body
  • having a measurable impact on the student experience.

How do I apply?

Simply visit the Careers Connect website for the Engagement Intern – Student Reviewers job listing. Closing date to apply is: 28 October 2022

Find out more about Careers and Employability resources at the university.

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Robin Coleman • 31 August 2022

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  1. Maya Sunshine Daley-Allen 31 August 2022 - 3.12pm Reply

    I’m highly interested in applying for this role, I will be starting in September.
    Looking forward to your response,


    • Robin Coleman 31 August 2022 - 3.15pm Reply

      For new starters this year, you’ll need to have enrolled to get yoru uni email address and access. Thanks

  2. Isobel 12 September 2022 - 11.45am Reply

    Hi Robin, I’m interested in the role, starting in September too. I have enrolled and have a Uni email address but being denied access to apply. Thanks for your help,

  3. isobel 12 September 2022 - 12.05pm Reply

    thank you

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