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Giving Day Quote from Jade Adebiyi

Student Funding Opportunities: Apply now!

The Student Potential Fund is our spark that ignites futures and empowers students like you to achieve their goals. Earlier this month, we hosted our second ever Giving Day, asking our alumni, staff, and friends to help us help you by donating to the Student Potential Fund.

Deadlines to make the most of these funding opportunities are coming up in May, so check out the awards on offer below and get your application in now!

The Student Experience Fund – Employability Award

  • Who can apply?: All undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • What is it for?: To support students to take up an opportunity that will help develop their employability skills
  • How much is available?: Up to £250 per student
  • Deadline: 9 May 2022

Santander Progression Scholarship

  • Who can apply?: All current year 1 undergraduates. Priority will be given to students who have additional widening participation criteria
  • What is it for?: To support students to progress to their second year of study
  • How much is available?: £1,250 per student
  • Deadline: 31 May 2022

Business & Law Placement Scholarships

  • Who can apply?: School of Business & Law students. Priority will be given to students who have additional widening participation criteria
  • What is it for?: To support students who are experiencing barriers to undertake a year-long placement
  • How much is available?: Up to £2,000 per student
  • Deadline: 31 May 2022, renewing fortnightly

Here’s what some of our past recipients had to say about the impact that this funding made on their studies and their time at university:

Kristian Floate, Music Business & Media BA(Hons), second year

Student Kristian FloateProgression Scholarship

“Hello, I am Kristian. I am a second year Music, Business & Media Student and I received the Progression Scholarship.

I think scholarships are really important. Having these packages available to students allows them to break free from the financial difficulties of university but also provides them with opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Last year, I was living at home. The funding allowed me to move out and buy equipment to be able to study virtually but also come onto campus and have a normal experience.

The funding has helped me make the most of university and it makes me feel thankful to know that people want to give to students and that there is a support community out there.”

Ebi Simpson, Business Management with Finance BSc(Hons), second year

Progression ScholarshipStudent Ebi Simpson

“Hello, I am Ebi Simpson, I am a mature student and a single parent and I’m in my second year studying Business Management with Finance. I applied for and received the Progression Scholarship and it’s been really helpful.

The support I got from my scholarship helped me in two ways. Firstly, the financial assistance has given me time, and has helped me just say ‘Ok, I can just relax and focus on getting through the assignments and the exams and have that extra time that I need to study and not worry about ‘Oh, am I going to be able to pay the bills’.

On a human level, it has helped me because I didn’t feel so entitled when I came, like I was supposed to be here and getting that support has given me a boost knowing there are people out there who believe in what I am trying to do here.

Knowing that people out there support current students is really encouraging. You have been through the process and found value in going to the University of Brighton and getting that degree. You know the kind of difficulties and experiences that you might have had and then you want to get other people across the line too and I think that’s brilliant – it’s certainly helped me.”

If you have any questions about these opportunities, please get in touch with the The Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement team on

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Alice Maguire • 26 April 2022

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