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Giving Day 2022: “The funding has helped me make the most of university”

Whatever journey you are on, our community is here to help you stay curious and put what you’re learning into practise. There is still time to get involved with our Giving Day activities, raising awareness of the positive impact that donations to the Student Potential Fund have on the lives of students like you.

Kristian Floate, Music Business & Media BA(Hons), second year

Student Kristian FloateProgression Scholarship

“Hello, I am Kristian. I am a second year Music, Business & Media Student and I received the Progression Scholarship.

I think scholarships are really important. Having these packages available to students allows them to break free from the financial difficulties of university but also provides them with opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Last year, I was living at home. The funding allowed me to move out and buy equipment to be able to study virtually but also come onto campus and have a normal experience.

The funding has helped me make the most of university and it makes me feel thankful to know that people want to give to students and that there is a support community out there.”

Ella Gilchrist, Textiles with Business Studies BA(Hons), 2019

Santander Growth GrantStudent Ella Gilchrist

“Hi, my name is Ella Gilchrist and I’m a graduate from the University of Brighton. I started my company Sociella in October 2020. We are a social media management and branding agency based in Hove and we help businesses to catapult their visibility online.

I received £1000 from the Santander Growth Grant last year. The funding helped me buy equipment for my business as I work from home… I bought myself a new desk chair and bought some programmes which I use every day but paid for the premium version so I could give a better service to my customers and clients.”

Jade Adebiyi, Biomedical Science BSc(Hons), first year

Student Jade AdebiyiBlack & Black Mixed Heritage Scholarship

“It makes me feel really grateful to know that people support students. I am really grateful that someone has thought ‘I’d love to give back’. Maybe they were in a similar situation when they were at uni and I think, if I’m able to be in their position when I’m older, I’d definitely like to do the same and give back to the students.

The Student Potential Fund provides so much support. I think it really helps a student progress in all ways – mentally, emotionally, educationally. It helps them reach their full potential, if they have someone saying ‘I’m routing for you. I’m supporting you’. You don’t just get money, you also get mentoring and the opportunity to be an ambassador. Scholarships really help financially and they just motivate you. After my course, I definitely want to go on and take a Masters or go into medicine.”

Discover how you could benefit from the Student Potential Fund this Giving Day:

1. Check out the funding opportunities open for applications now.

2. Head over to our dedicated Giving Day webpage for the latest announcements and to hear more student stories.

3. Keep an eye on social media to find out how to get involved in our Giving Day games on campus!

4. Keep supporting Giving Day by raising awareness of the fundraising campaign within our community – use #BrightonGiving on social media.

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Alice Maguire • 6 April 2022

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