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Huskup cup winning design by Maisie Rennie-Carter

Announcing our Reusable Huskup Design competition winner

We are delighted to announce the winner of our Reusable Cup Design Competition as Maisie Rennie-Carter, a recent School of Arts and Media graduate.

Back in December we launched a competition open to all students to design the artwork for a reusable beverage cup manufactured by Huskup. Judged by a panel of staff including our Vice-Chancellor and the Dean of the School of Art and Media, Maisie’s winning design has now been put into production as an exclusive limited edition (only for the University) and will soon be sold within the hospitality outlets across the university.

Interview with the winner

Photo of Maisie Rennie-CarterWe caught up with Maisie to find out more about her time at the University of Brighton and her inspiration to enter the competition:

What inspired you to design this image?

“This design is a print from my graduate collection – for my collection I researched into pollution created by industrial textile production – looking at the places, people and animals impacted by it. One of these places was Indonesia. Indonesia is home to an extortionate amount of textile plants and this design was inspired by Indonesia’s jungles – an example of what we can harm through rapid over-consumption and irresponsible production.”

Which course were you on and how did your undergrad course help?

“I did B.A. Textiles with Business Studies. I specialised in printed textiles and spent lots of time improving my illustration skills.”

How did you enjoy your time at Brighton?

“I loved screen printing fabrics in the workshop and creating illustrations in the studio.”

Aspirations – what will you do next?

“I still love print design and illustration but what I’ll do next is a bit unclear right now!”

Winning design for Huskup competition


Robin Coleman • 14 March 2022

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