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Money Week 2022

Money Week 2022: Sustainable Spending

Our Student Advice Service is here to help you with all money related matters. We know that everyone’s budget is different and we are aware that it is not unusual for students to have concerns about money.

This week is ‘Money Week’. Whether you’re applying for hardship funding, need a little help getting through to pay day or just want some savvy budgeting tips, we are here to help!

Find out about Money Week 2022: Sustainable Spending

Track your spending for a week for a £50 prize

We’re giving away a £50 Amazon voucher for the best entry to our Money Week competition. All you need to do is complete a week-long money diary to help you track your spending habits. Once complete, email your finished diary to

Download the Money Diary spreadsheet

Take part in our quiz and win prizes

Who gives a crap toilet paper

We will be running a Money Week quiz to check how much you know about sustainable spending. We have prizes for the first 100 students who enter, which include fancy 100% recycled toilet rolls made by ‘Who gives a crap’ (yes, seriously!).

Enter our Money Week quiz and win a prize

Coming to a lecture near you soon

We’re dropping in to some of your lectures, showing a short presentation and talking to you about our hardship fund – the Student Support Fund, and how and when students can apply for this.

Most importantly, we want to introduce ourselves to you, so you know who to talk to if you have money issues throughout your time at uni. We run a confidential non-judgemental service and we look forward to advising you so you can get the most out of your time here. For individual and personal questions relating to money, you can also email the Student Advice Service direct at any time.


Robin Coleman • 20 February 2022

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