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Are you getting the best possible Wi-Fi service on campus?

Are you getting the best possible Wi-Fi service on campus?

If you ever connect online using the Wi-Fi then please be sure to use the eduroam service and not the UoB Visitor Wi-Fi.

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Get the fastest Wi-Fi connection with eduroam

Whenever you’re on campus or in halls, check all your wireless devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc.) to make sure they are connected to eduroam and not the UoB Visitor Wi-Fi. If you are connecting to the visitor Wi-Fi, you should instruct your device to ‘forget’ this network.

Should you experience any issues please do not hesitate to contact the Service Desk for further help.

Get help with connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi

What’s the problem with using Visitor Wi-Fi?

Visitor Wi-Fi quickly gets ‘full’ and you will either have problems connecting to it, or experience a slow service and because it is an “open” network, once you connect to UoB Visitor Wi-Fi your device won’t attempt to connect to eduroam.

eduroam is for students and staff from Brighton or any other University. It is fast, automatically connects and gives you unlimited, secure access to the internet. You can also connect to other universities’ Wi-Fi across the world using your Brighton login.


Robin Coleman • 9 January 2022

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