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Wellbeing Week: Tuesday – Take notice

It’s Wellbeing Week at the University of Brighton, so we have put together some brilliant resources, based around a central theme, to help you connect with other students and boost your mental health. Today’s theme: Take notice.

Studies show that being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances your wellbeing, and savouring ‘the moment’ can help to reaffirm your life priorities. Heightened awareness also enhances your self-understanding and allows you to make positive choices based on your own values and motivations. Check out Mind’s Five ways to wellbeing for more information.

Meditation classes

The Brighton Buddhist centre teaches two types of meditation practice – the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana. Both are a brilliant way to explore meditation with others, guided by an experienced teacher. They are running a variety of in person drop-in classes alongside some online drop-in classes that you can access wherever you are. Classes are free and by donation only.

Mindfulness Apps

If you would like to undertake meditation at home, why not consider the Headspace app? There is a free version of the app which will guide you through the process of meditation, accessible wherever you are. There are also lots of students deals where you can access hundreds of meditations related specifically to study.

Looking for support with sleep, mediation and relaxation? Try out the free version of the Calm app, which gives you access to a number of meditations. InsightTimer has over 100,000 free guided meditations to offer support around sleep, anxiety, stress, self-compassion and mindful eating.

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Books and E-Books

The University Library has a range of books available which focus upon mindfulness. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the benefits of taking notice and different ways this can be done. The books are free and easily accessible. We also have a wide range of e-books available on Mindfulness too, to check out from the comfort of your home!


Yoga is a great way to take a break from work and study, get out of your thinking mind, and move your body in ways that cultivate strength and enable relaxation. Sport Brighton run regular yoga classes starting at just £3 or there are some great YouTube Videos that you can follow at home – whether you’re a beginner or a master yogi!

Take Notice Everyday

We really believe in the benefits of becoming more mindful in your everyday life but understand that formal practice such as meditation or yoga might seem quite difficult. Why not try some of the below ideas on how you can incorporate mindfulness into your day with very small acts, which all eventually add up:

  1. Go for a walk and pick out something new you notice.
  2. Take a picture of something in your home and notice any differences you see in the image to real life.
  3. Find five items you had forgotten about in your bedroom.
  4. Describe your kitchen without using colours or shapes.
  5. Put your bare feet on a rug for two minutes and notice how it feels.
  6. Count how many times you press the remote button when changing between programmes.
  7. Think about how your skin feels against the different fabrics of your clothes.
  8. Eat a meal as if it were the first time you were eating it – how does it taste?
  9. Brush your hair and try to notice the different feelings when the brush touches your scalp and different parts of your hair.
  10. Find the lyrics to a song and read along whilst playing the song.
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Robin Coleman • 23 November 2021

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