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Protecting your grades in 2021/22

Unforeseen circumstances can have a serious impact on your study and outcomes. We’ve enhanced our academic regulations and processes to help protect you from the unexpected, both this year, and beyond.

At a glance

  • Introduction of Additional Consideration – an enhanced process for unexpected circumstances, based on lessons learnt from the Safety Net.
  • Changes to the way we calculate awards this year, to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on studies.
  • The Safety Net and ‘mitigating circumstances’ will still apply to a small number of students, due to course structure. See the FAQ for more detail.

Additional Consideration

You can request Additional Consideration if you’re facing serious unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances which are making it hard to engage with your learning or complete your assessments. There are two routes you can take:

1. Self-Certification

  • For circumstances that impacted you for 7 days or less
  • No supporting documents required
  • Only for absence from time bound assessments, such as scheduled examinations
  • Not available for coursework
  • Must be submitted within 7 days of last assessment date affected

2. Full Request

  • For circumstances that impacted you for more than 7 days or work not eligible for self-certification
  • Supporting documents are required
  • For absence, non-submission, late submission or unrepresentative performance and assessment types not covered by self-certification
  • Requests for coursework allowed
  • Should be submitted as close as possible to the circumstances and assessment

If your request for Additional Consideration is upheld, you will normally get a further opportunity to undertake the assessment, without penalty, during the normal resit period. Additional Consideration cannot be used to raise marks automatically.

Benefits of the new process

  • Greater flexibility where it’s difficult to provide evidence.
  • Fair and consistent decision-making, by an independent university panel.
  • An appeals process for requests that aren’t accepted, if you believe procedures haven’t been followed.
  • Procedures that follow best practice in the sector.

Find out more on Additional Considerations


Additional Consideration has been introduced to support you in unexpected circumstances, but it might not always be the right solution.

For short term difficulties close to a deadline, you might consider applying for an extension instead. Speak to your Personal Academic Tutor or Student Support Guidance Tutor first, to discuss the best option for you.

Find out more on Extensions

Calculating your marks

To mitigate the impact of the pandemic, we have changed the way that we calculate awards for stages of study completed in 20/21 and 21/22. Some courses, like those accredited by a professional body (PSRB) may be calculated differently – Schools will confirm this with affected students.

2021/22 Level 6 (final year) undergraduates

Your classification will be made up of:

  • Your best 80 out of 120 credits in your final year, weighted at 75% – your lowest performing 40 credits will be discounted – and
  • Your best 80 out of 120 credits taken in 20/21, weighted at 25%.

2021/22 Level 5 (second year) undergraduates

Protecting your grades elements 2021-22_Donut Level 5 year 2Your classification will be made up of:

  • Your best 80 out of 120 credits at level 5, weighted at 25% – your lowest performing 40 credits will be discounted – and
  • 120 credits at level 6, weighted at 75%.
2021/22 Postgraduate Taught

Protecting your grades elements 2021-22_Donut for Postgrad TaughtFor masters degrees, your classification will be made up of:

  • Your best 80 out of 120 taught credits – your lowest performing 40 taught credits will be discounted – and
  • Your final element module, worth 60 credits

Looking ahead

  • First year undergraduates: results don’t contribute towards your award. The standard algorithm will apply when you complete your degree – 120 credits at level 5 weighted at 25% and 120 credits at level 6 weighted at 75%.
  • We’ll continue to review this package of support to ensure we are providing the right protections during the ongoing pandemic.

Who can I speak to?

Please see our website for the full regulations, request forms, guidance and FAQs.

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Robin Coleman • 9 November 2021

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