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There is no planet B placard

Take part in our survey to help shape University action on Climate Change

With the COP 26 international climate conference underway, there are many positive steps we can take to reducing climate change.

Here at the university, we’re creating a new plan – our Sustainability Strategy – to bring together people, issues and priorities creating positive action to respond to the issues that cause climate change.

Action on climate change needs everyone’s involvement. We’d like to start the conversation by asking for your initial views and priorities, using this questionnaire as to how this might look. More opportunities for continuing involvement in our sustainability strategy will follow over the coming year.

Complete the survey: Shape University action on Climate Change

This questionnaire has two goals, firstly to ask about your views on some key themes; second is to raise awareness of some of the positive steps we can take both within our own individual control and within the wider university community.

Any plan that is successful must have benefits that are clear to everyone – students, staff, our university, and our wider partnerships. Most of all it must be better overall for the environment upon which we all depend.

After all, there is no planet B!

Robin Coleman • 8 November 2021

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