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Vaccination update and changed testing arrangements

A message from Sarah Lambert, Director of Student Operations and Support emailed 23 June 2021 to all students.

Vaccination update

All adults in England (those aged 18 and over) are now eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine as part of the Government’s nationwide vaccination programme (regardless of nationality or immigration status).

The vaccine is being offered at local sites run by GPs or community pharmacies, at larger vaccination centres and in some hospitals. ‘Pop up’ temporary clinics at convenient locations are also available in some areas.

How to book

If you are registered with a GP, you can book an appointment at a larger vaccination centre, a community pharmacy run site, or at some GP run sites through the National Booking Service website or by phoning 119.

Whilst being registered with a GP is encouraged to access the vaccination programme, you can still request to book a vaccination as an unregistered patient through a local GP practice.

If you are registered with a GP in your hometown, but not where you study or vice-versa, you can use the National Booking Service to book both your appointments online at a location that is convenient for you. Alternatively, you can book a first dose through your GP and a second dose at a different location through the National Booking Service.

If you have moved location between your first and second dose, you can use the National Booking Service to book or rearrange your second vaccination appointment at a different location to your first.

Find out more

As it continues to roll out across the country, the vaccination programme is helping to reduce infections, hospitalisations and deaths and we encourage you to book your jab as soon as you can.

NHS England have published an FAQ document for students in higher education to help make the vaccination roll out easier to understand.

Read more about the vaccine and book your jab

Home testing to replace most on-campus tests

As the University enters the summer holiday period, take-up for our on-campus testing has declined significantly. As a result, we are pausing most of our in-person Covid-19 test centres during June and moving to support a home testing approach for both students and staff.

Our Eastbourne, Falmer and Cockcroft test centres have now paused operations. Home test kits are available from Eastbourne Hillbrow Sports Centre, Falmer Sports Centre and Cockcroft Caretakers’ desk.

The City site will remain open for on-site tests and click and collect home tests, both bookable via our website.

You can arrange to have a test kit delivered to your home address by visiting the Government website. You can also obtain them from pharmacies and community test sites.

Reporting my result

When you’ve taken a home test it’s really important that you record your result, even if it’s negative.

Visit the UK Government website, Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result and use the code BGQI to assign your result to the University.

If you do test positive, you should also report your result via this website.

Easing of restrictions delayed

Please do continue to follow Government guidelines, noting that the full lifting of restrictions has been delayed until Monday 19 July (though the data will be reviewed two weeks after the Government’s original announcement in case the risks have reduced).

Read full details of the delay and what it means for you.

Finally, I want to thank you once again for the incredible resilience you all continue to demonstrate in the face of this pandemic.

Photo credit: @CDC at Unsplash


Robin Coleman • 23 June 2021

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