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Brighton’s learning spaces – what should the future look like?

We want the views of our students and staff to outline the future vision of our campuses, and the experience they provide.

To get this right we’re asking students and staff about what we’ve learned from the last year – to plan our future campus which enable the very best teaching, learning and socialising – as well as being sustainable and accessible.

We want to give you this opportunity to THINK BIG and provide your ideas and suggestions to help us to work towards buildings, facilities, technology, spaces and more, to create an ideal learning environment on campus.

We need to challenge our thinking about how we become net-zero carbon by 2050 or earlier, and we know that we need to be able to explore new and more flexible ways of working and teaching – which in turn has implications for the type of spaces we need.

Your views are essential.

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Checkland building on Falmer campus

The questions in this survey will improve our understanding of the experience you expect from studying/socialising on campus. Here’s some further context for each question before you jump into the survey.

Q1. How can we ensure our teaching and learning spaces on our campuses provide the best possible experience for students and staff?

The learning spaces of the future blend physical and digital together. Think about the positives, negatives and opportunities that online learning has created and how this could be brought into the physical learning environment.

What do these learning spaces of the future need to include?

Q2. How can we improve the social and informal study spaces on our campuses?

Outside of the classroom, campuses offer a variety of spaces for further study, groupwork and socialising. Spaces like libraries, canteens/cafes, outside areas and lounges/seating areas are an important part of the experience. Consider what functionality and features these spaces need to be useful, both now and into the future.

What makes a good social space? What do these spaces need to allow you to work effectively, both in a group and as an individual? How can these spaces encourage you to be creative, focused and inspired?

Q3. How can we improve our campus spaces to build a strong community between staff and students?

The partnership between our staff and students is what makes the campus experience so supportive. How can we encourage a community of learning between us all by using space?

Q4. How might we improve the accessibility of our lecture theatres, classrooms, labs and study spaces to meet the needs of all in our university community?

We want to be a university for everyone and we’re committed to making sure our spaces reflect that.

Where can we improve accessibility? What are some of the considerations – both now, and in the future? What are some of the obstacles students currently face?

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Robin Coleman • 12 May 2021

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