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Money matters: how we can support

We know that finances are front of mind for our students at the moment. Here are some of the key facts about additional funding from the Office for Students (OfS), and how we can support you through difficulties.

Government support fund

The Government recently made limited funds available through the Office for Students (OfS), to help students facing severe financial difficulties as a result of Covid-19.

The University of Brighton has received around £700,000 to support almost 19,000 students, and following discussion with the Brighton Students’ Union, we have agreed to allocate this as follows:

  • £250k towards Digital Access (see below)
  • £405k towards accommodation support (see below)
  • £30k towards additional Hardship Funding
  • £16k toward contingency and widening support for international students.

This funding is in addition to the minimum of £2.6m that the University has committed to spend on student digital access, rent relief and financial support this academic year.

How we can help – Digital Access Support

If you don’t have access to your own computer, our Digital Access Fund may be able to help. It has been extended to all students living in the UK.

Meanwhile, our Data and Broadband Access Fund can help if you’re struggling with access issues due to lack of broadband/data.

How we can help – Accommodation Support

We recently wrote to our students in Halls, inviting them to apply for a rebate on their accommodation costs, if they meet the eligibility criteria. This support will remain in place for students still unable to return to Halls following the latest Government update.

For students renting privately, we are setting up a Private Renters Support Fund. This is open to students in financial hardship who are from low income households and meet all of the following conditions:

  • are not in receipt of full funding or a University of Brighton bursary;
  • have been unable to access their term-time accommodation since the January lockdown started;
  • their landlord or agent hasn’t given any discount and has continued to charge full rent.

If you meet the criteria above, please complete the online application and supply the supporting evidence requested.

The closing date for applications is Friday 26 March.

How we can help – Student Support Funds

Brighton University already has a range of “hardship funds” which are open throughout the academic year for students experiencing financial difficulty. These have been supplemented by the OfS funding.

Our Student Support Fund is open to all UK/Home Undergraduates with a similar fund for UK/Home Postgraduate students.

You can apply for help with rent, bills, course costs, travel, childcare costs or something unexpected. All applications are means-tested and proof of income and expenditure are required.

There is also an EU Student Support Fund and an International Student Hardship fund.

Details of all of the above are available on our website and if you have any queries, please contact the Student Advice team.

How we can help – your wellbeing

If you are feeling stressed or anxious because of money worries, or anything else, we are here for you. Our Student Support and Guidance Tutors (SSGTs) are dedicated to supporting any issues which may be affecting your wellbeing whilst at the university. Each academic school has at least one SSGT. They are a great source of information and advice on issues that might be impacting your studies and personal life.

Meanwhile the BSU are running a range of wellbeing workshops throughout February and March which we would love you to join.

Whatever your situation, we are here to help. Please contact the Student Advice team so we can find solutions together.


Robin Coleman • 24 February 2021

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