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New academic building - Business School

Help us name our landmark new academic building

We need your help to choose a name for our landmark new academic building. The building will form a key part of our Big Build and is set to provide a stunning new front door for our Moulsecoomb campus and a major new landmark on the Lewes Road.

Taking shape on the site of the old Watts car park, the building will house our Business School and provide a social and public performance and exhibition space and café, as well as a range of flexible teaching and collaborative spaces.

Vote for your favourite name

There are eight options for you to choose from below, each with a short summary explaining why they were selected:

Elm House – The Watts bank, adjacent to our new academic building is home to a number of native Elm trees – this option is representative of the University’s proud tradition and ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection in our operations, teaching programmes and research and enterprise.

Pavilion House – Brighton Pavilion is arguably the most iconic building in the city, which owes its striking styling to the renowned architect John Nash.

Coomb House – A Saxon name referring either to a steep, narrow valley or to a large hollow in the side of a hill. Moulsecoomb itself or ‘Mul’s Valley’ is named after ‘Mul’, a Saxon nobleman.

Lewes House – Our new academic building will look out onto the main Lewes Road, which itself sits on the route of an old drover’s road used to take fish landed in Brighton to the nearby market town of Lewes.

Laines House – Derived originally from an Anglo-Saxon legal expression, ‘Laine’ is a term used in the Sussex dialect to describe open tracts of land at the base of an area of downland.

Beacon House – Situated to the north-east of the city, Ditchling Beacon is an iconic local landmark and the tallest point in the county of East Sussex

Wellesbourne House – The Wellesbourne is a sub-surface waterway or ‘winterbourne stream’ which runs beneath the city of Brighton from Patcham to the sea.

Springbourne House – Similar to the Wellesbourne, the Springbourne is an underground watercourse running roughly along the route of the Lewes Road from Falmer to the sea.

Vote for your favourite name

Voting will close at the end of the day on Wednesday 16 January 2020 at 12pm.

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Robin Coleman • 2 December 2020

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