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COVID-19 update on teaching, testing and travel

Whilst we continue to work though the detailed implications of the Government’s recent announcement regarding the end of the academic term, I know you will value a short update on our response to date.

Your teaching and learning

  • We will maintain face-to-face teaching, for the remainder of November – as always with personal safety as the overriding priority.
  • During the week commencing 30 November, we will begin to reduce face-to-face teaching based on the timing of your final scheduled face-to-face session. We will naturally retain a particular focus on continuing this on courses where we know practical face-to-face experience is a core element in you achieving learning outcomes.
  • From Monday 7 December, all teaching will be fully remote until the end of term. The Government has made the exception for Health students who are on placement. We are still seeking urgent clarification from the Government about the position for education and social care students on placement. Other students on extended work placements should continue to follow the Government guidance pertaining to their work environment.

We will confirm as soon as we are able which other facilities will remain open on campus between 7 – 18 December.

Students who remain in University halls for the Christmas period will be supported and further information will be shared with residents.
Each School is currently reviewing its plans for course delivery and you will hear more details as soon as possible including your final face-to-face session date, if relevant.

COVID-19 testing, travel, and other FAQs

  • We have already expressed an interest in hosting a testing centre on campus but do not yet know whether we will be chosen to participate in the Government’s COVID-19 testing scheme. We will provide an update on this as soon as we know the decision.
    Once this becomes clear we will share with you details of recommended days for you to travel to your holiday destinations.
  • In the meantime please do familiarise yourself with the Government’s guidance relating to safe travel.
  • Updated FAQs are available on the website including guidance for international students and we will continue to add to these over the coming days.

Further advice on the return to campus and the start of the new term in January 2021 will also be issued in the coming weeks.

I realise you will have further questions at this stage. I wanted to provide you with the latest picture today, and you have my full assurance that we will share more details as soon as they become available.

Thank you once again for your exemplary conduct throughout this term. Please do take care and continue to follow the Government’s guidance on staying safe.


Robin Coleman • 13 November 2020

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