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COVID-19: Response to Government guidance 11 November 2020

Message from Professor Debra Humphris, Vice-Chancellor sent via email to all students.

As you will have seen, the Government has issued guidance for universities to introduce a managed end to face-to-face teaching following the end of the current lockdown period and a phased departure of students at the end of term. It also references the role of universities in testing students for COVID-19 prior to departure.

There is clearly much for us to consider, but please be assured that, alongside your personal health and safety, your learning experience remains our highest priority.

At this stage, I can confirm that the delivery of teaching will continue, as scheduled, until the end of this term on 18 December, and we are currently planning how we can move more of this online during the period when face-to-face teaching is expected to end.

I can also confirm that we have advised the Department for Education that we wish to take part in the Government’s testing programme. I do not yet know whether we will be chosen to participate in the scheme ahead of the end of this calendar year as statements from Government currently suggest it will be focused on areas of the country with the highest rates of infection and transmission.

Full details concerning any testing arrangements, your course of study, access to University services in December, and our advice regarding a safe departure at the end of term will be shared with you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it is important that we all continue to follow the national and University guidance. You have shown great patience and resilience and I want to thank you for being such a credit to the University during this difficult time.


Robin Coleman • 11 November 2020

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